Army National Guard Leader Development Program

Enhance and support the State's and Territories' capability to develop Army National Guard leader's knowledge, skills, competencies, attributes, and behaviors to produce agile and adaptive leaders at echelon, who are able to operate and succeed in complex and dynamic environments. By creating and providing leader development resources, opportunities, and content in the experiential and self-development realms of professional development, which deliver broadening experience or increased technical and conceptual competency in order to enable Leader Development across the 54 States and Territories.

Combat Field Studies

The Army National Guard's Combat Field Studies program is a Leader Development initiative that emphasizes soldiers' connection with our collective past through battle staff rides, digital studies, and video interviews. Combat Field Studies events allow soldiers to view combat actions of the Army National Guard to learn endearing leadership lessons as well as connect soldiers with the lineage and honors of their current formation. Since 2018 the CFS program has conducted WWI Battle Staff Rides in France tracing the actions of the Army National Guard in the 2nd Marne, St Mihiel, and Meuse Argonne Battles. These events allowed 10 Title-32 MDay soldiers between the ranks of E4-E7 and O1-O4 to walk the battlefields of Europe with Historians from the US Army Center of Military History and learn the lessons learned by the ARNG in battle over 100 years ago. The program has since expanded to include WWII battlefields in Europe, as well as multiple locations in the United States. Through Leader Development's digital platforms Combat Field Studies hosts "Digital Editions" where historians from across the country share historical lessons from the Army National Guard in battle, and explain the role Army History plays in unit readiness and training. The program is currently piloting "Digital Staff Rides" which allow units to host a remote event during IDT weekends in lieu of traveling to actual historic sites.


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Video by Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Miller
Combat Field Studies - The National Museum of the United States Army
National Guard Bureau - Army National Guard - G3 - Training Division - Leader Development Branch
Nov. 18, 2021 | 5:28
Dive into the illustrious history of the U.S. Army and see the role the Army National Guard has played throughout our Nation's history. Join us for our experience at the National Museum of the U.S. Army.

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"The 42nd Infantry Division World War 1 Staff Ride was a truly remarkable experience for me as an Army leader. The logistical support from both NGB and the NYARNG as well as the exemplary guidance of two extremely knowledgeable military historians set the stage for an epic multi-faceted journey. From the trench lines of the Somme, the quiet grandeur of La Croix Rouge Farm, or the memorial dedications at Oise-Aisne Cemetery, the staff ride allowed myself and my fellow NYARNG soldiers the unique opportunity to “share a breath with ghosts” and walk in their solemn footsteps. The experience was profound and moved me greatly knowing that I am part of this collective history and now responsible for carrying on the memories of the fallen and ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten."

SFC Martin Cozens, New York Army National Guard

"Learning about the history of the KSARNG and WW1 with boots on the ground gave an understanding and new appreciation to the involvement of the United States in WW1. Seeing the different landscapes and local villages helped gain situational awareness which is otherwise not possible. Important lessons can still be learned, and the sacrifices made should never be forgotten. This was an invaluable experience which must be continued to be offered to deserving Soldiers."

SGT Janina Felka-Burns, Kansas Army National Guard
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