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Last of four MANG Soldiers receives Soldier's Medal for heroism during Boston bombings

By Lt. Col. James Sahady | Massachusetts National Guard | January 12, 2016

BOSTON - Gov. Charlie Baker awarded the Soldier's Medal to Staff Sgt. Geoffrey Curtis, Massachusetts Army National Guard, on Monday for his actions at the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon.

After two sequential blasts occurred about 100 meters apart at the race finish line, Curtis rushed toward the area despite the risk that more explosions were imminent.

Curtis rendered assistance to police and first responders and provided medical aid to wounded civilians and established a secure perimeter.

Curtis set himself apart by running toward the danger and doing everything within his power to help those around him. Curtis' heroic actions directly contributed to saving the lives of others, while endangering him. His actions, in the face of danger, exemplified his courage.

Baker thanked Curtis for his selfless service and said: "The most important point I want to say is some people run into an area while other people are running out, and that is exactly what you and your colleagues did that day and we are all enormously grateful for your actions that saved the lives of many people. I am proud to have you as part of our National Guard."

Maj. Gen. L. Scott Rice, the adjutant general, stated: "You represent something special with service above self and jumping into the fray while disregarding your own safety. That is what the U.S. Army has conveyed with this award. Thank you very much!"

Francisco Urena, Massachusetts secretary of Veterans Services, said: "With your heroism and of your peers, you assisted and saved so many lives and helped us see what Massachusetts has to offer and see the heroism and value of our National Guard on each and every day."

Four Soldiers from the Massachusetts National Guard have now been awarded the Soldier's Medal for their selfless response to save lives at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing: Capt. Steve Fiola, Master Sgt. Bernard Madore, Staff Sgt. Mark Welch and Curtis.

Baker awarded Fiola and Madore the Soldier's Medal in April 2015 during the annual Salem Muster and awarded Welch the medal in July 2015 at the State House.