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Overseas Operations
National Guard engineers make their own path in Romania
May 8, 2017

ANZAC Day: Task Force Spartan senior leaders pay tribute to Allies’ fallen Soldiers
May 5, 2017

Virginia and Maryland National Guard units among those participating in Kuwait exercise
April 25, 2017

Alabama National Guard trains for battle
April 17, 2017

National Guard participates in JMRC’s Troop Construction 2017
April 17, 2017

La. Air National Guard members participate in Frisian Flag exercise
April 14, 2017

Air National Guard units fly first, last C-130 deployments
April 7, 2017

Wisconsin National Guard assists in recent South Korean exercise
April 5, 2017

South Dakota's 129th Soldiers sharpen public affairs skills in South Korea
March 30, 2017

Nebraska Guard Soldier is team member for VIP visitors to Baghdad
March 21, 2017