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Overseas Operations
Indiana Guard members reflect on Pacific Pathways exercises
October 9, 2018

Hispanic Soldier uses culture to assist Afghan counterparts
October 2, 2018

W. Va. National Guard trains with multi-national forces
October 1, 2018

Opposing force is interoperable; ready for Saber Junction 18
September 28, 2018

Guard units from Calif. and Tenn. join in Ukraine training
September 14, 2018

Japan and Indiana National Guard forge alliance in exercise
September 12, 2018

Idaho, Montana Soldiers practice live-fire with Thai troops
August 29, 2018

Idaho Army National Guard and Royal Thai Army work together
August 23, 2018

Washington's 10th CST builds partners during Konfitma 18
August 22, 2018

Hanuman Guardian 2018 underway with the Royal Thai Army
August 21, 2018