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Updated electronic warfare course resumes at Camp Buehring
July 26, 2021

National Guard support critical to U.S. European Command
July 22, 2021

75th Troop Command supports SOUTHCOM at Tradewinds exercise
July 12, 2021

National Guard participates in multinational exercise
May 19, 2021

Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, CST units train together
May 6, 2021

Florida National Guard helps mitigate reservoir leak
April 5, 2021

Task Force Phoenix trains at North Fort Hood for deployment
March 29, 2021

Alaska Air Guard trains in support of NASA spaceflight
February 9, 2021

125th Fighter Wing Airmen assist with COVID-19 vaccinations
February 1, 2021

54th Security Forces Assistance Brigade advises US partners
December 9, 2020

Florida Guardsmen donate plasma to support COVID-19 mission
August 31, 2020

Fighter pilot accomplishes first flight after electrocution
July 9, 2020

National Guard ready for hurricane season
June 24, 2020

National Guard supports NASA launch, other space missions
June 1, 2020

Florida Guard supports antibody testing in South Florida
May 27, 2020

Florida National Guard testing at long-term care facility
May 22, 2020

Florida National Guard supports two new walk-up test sites
May 20, 2020

Guard's COVID-19 response is largest since Hurricane Katrina
May 12, 2020

NJ Guard, active-duty troops set up COVID-19 ops center
May 6, 2020

Children personalize medals for Florida Guard and partners
May 1, 2020