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NEWS | June 9, 2023

Arkansas Airmen Complete Combative Training Exercise

By Master Sgt. Chauncey Reed, 188th Wing

EBBING AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ark. - Members of the 188th Security Forces Squadron honed their combat skills during a rigorous combative training session June 8.

The training exercise, which aligns with the Air Force’s Future Operations Concept, emphasized the unit’s commitment to staying prepared to compete against and deter adversaries.

Security Forces Airmen led by seasoned instructors engaged in hand-to-hand combat techniques, grappling maneuvers and defensive tactics to enhance their proficiency in close-quarters combat scenarios.

“We prioritize continuous training to ensure our Security Forces personnel are equipped with the necessary skills to protect and defend,” said Maj. Nathan Sosebee, the 188th Security Forces Squadron commander. “This combative training enhances our readiness and strengthens our ability to counter any potential threats, aligning with the Air Force’s vision to compete, deter and win.”

The Future Operations Concept emphasizes the importance of preparedness for an evolving security landscape, where competition and deterrence play key roles.

During the training, Airmen faced scenarios they might face while executing their duties. Instructors emphasized situational awareness, quick decision-making, and effective communication in high-stress situations.

“The goal of this training is to ensure our Security Forces Airmen are prepared mentally and physically to handle any challenges they may encounter,” said Senior Master Sgt. Tim Holland, a combative training instructor and operations superintendent. “By enhancing their combative skills and teaching them to adapt to dynamic situations, we are empowering our Airmen to protect themselves, their fellow service members, and the base.”

Sosebee said he was confident in the squadron’s capabilities.

“Our Security Forces Airmen have demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency throughout this training,” he said. “Their commitment to excellence ensures we are ready to face any potential adversaries.”