NEWS | May 14, 2020

TEC-U to launch on-demand video training for ANG

By Senior MSgt. Catharine Schmidt Air National Guard Training and Education Center/TV

I.G. BROWN TRAINING AND EDUCATION CENTER, Tenn. – From the Force, the first initiative for TEC University, officially launches May 22, allowing Airmen to share best practices and receive training from their peers across the Air National Guard.

The on-demand video platform, accessible at and available off the Air Force network, will showcase short videos made by both TEC-U producers and Airmen in the field. Training already included in the video library includes resume building, writing an awards and decorations package, and bullet writing.

TEC-U is also working on videos that will help those in the public affairs career field complete upgrade training tasks listed in their career field enlisted training plan (CFETP).

The goal of From the Force is to keep Airmen engaged while learning, meeting TEC-U’s vision of providing a diverse training and education solution to the total force. Over the years, while technology has evolved, attention spans have grown shorter. With that in mind, videos on From the Force will be “micro-lessons” – videos no longer than 5 minutes.

“We are way behind in reaching our Airmen where they want to learn,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Shaun Withers, TEC-U chief. “From the Force not only meets them in a way they are used to using but also enables them to contribute.”

A mobile device with video recording capabilities is all an Airman will need to contribute their training – whether it’s how to set up a network printer or showcasing best practices used while working on aircraft mechanics. Videos will need to be cleared by their public affairs office, and then they will be able to connect with TEC-U to have their training published on From the Force.

While being able to provide and receive training right on a mobile device has its benefits, learning through video has proven to be advantageous as well.

“Studies have shown that use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall,” said Tammie Smeltzer, TEC-U director of education. “The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them. Students will be able to stop and start videos based upon their needs and current situation.”

From the Force is just the first initiative of the newly realigned TEC-U. More initiatives to enhance training and education for the total force will launch throughout the year.