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SWAT team trains at 178th Wing

By Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones | 178th Wing | Oct. 23, 2019

SPRINGFIELD-BECKLEY AIR GUARD STATION, Ohio – The Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) provided advanced team tactics training to local law enforcement Oct. 22.

“The Springfield SWAT team was looking for a location to conduct some training,” said Master Sgt. Daniel Wilson, the unit training manager with the 178th Security Forces Squadron. “They brought in guest instructors from the OTOA to lead this highly skilled training in our buildings here.”

Facilities at the 178th Wing provided a unique, cost-effective training environment for members of the Springfield Police Department SWAT and Clark County Narcotics Unit to strengthen their skills.

“Today, we provided close-quarter battle training,” said Jim Hardman, the training operations chief with Ohio Tactical Officers Association. “We also trained on how to handle search warrants, barricades and modified hostage rescue situations.”

Members of the OTOA and local law enforcement coordinated with 178th Wing Security Forces Squadron (SFS) to secure the training location. This collaboration enhances community safety and builds bonds between organizations to handle future threats effectively.

“It’s always been mutually valuable to train together,” said Wilson. “I don’t want the first time I meet these guys to be when an incident occurs. We’re building those relationships now.”

The tactics the OTOA demonstrated provide 178th SFS members with an innovative outlook on how to conduct operations.

“We supply training, equipment and evaluations to law enforcement, police officers and first responders throughout the state of Ohio and other locations throughout the nation,” said Hardman.