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NEWS | March 7, 2013

Army releases new Soldier Record Brief for personnel and pay information

By Courtesy Story

ARLINGTON, Va. - The Army on Thursday released a template of the Soldier Record Brief (SRB), a multi-component report that will serve as a snapshot of each Soldier's personnel data.

This report will eventually replace the Officer and Enlisted Record Briefs and will be used by all Army components for the Army selection board process.

The SRB is a significant part of the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A), which will become the Army's one-stop-shop for personnel and pay information for all human resources (HR) professionals, leaders, and Soldiers.

The Army intends to field IPPS-A's first release no later than October 2013. A view of the SRB template is now available at the IPPS-A website.

The Army began developing the Soldier Record Brief (SRB), along with the rest of IPPS-A's first release, in early February 2012. During this time, the Army designed a single record brief that intends to serve all enlisted, officers, active duty, National Guard members, and reservists.

The SRB is the result of these efforts and demonstrates how the Army will standardize personnel data in one single brief.

The SRB is but one tool IPPS-A will provide to HR professionals, leaders, and Soldiers. IPPS-A will eventually also help manage Soldier pay, assignments, awards, promotion information, evaluations, and many other types of personnel information.

The ability to manage all these types of information with secure online access is critical for the Army to modernize how it manages Army HR. IPPS-A is also key to enabling HR professionals to better serve those they serve every day – Soldiers.

The Army intends to develop the remaining four releases of IPPS-A after it fields the system's first release later this year. These five releases create a single system that provides comprehensive personnel and pay records for all Soldiers, for their entire careers.