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Training Competitions


The National Guard Marksmanship Training Center is divided, primarily, into two divisions, which are formal training courses and training through competitive events.

The National Guard training competition events are funded by and held at the NGMTC. These include the notable Winston P. Wilson Matches (WPW) and the Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting (AFSAM), the Chief National Guard Bureau Postal Matches (CNGB), and the National Guard Sniper Championship (NGSC).

As well, NGMTC funds and assists in the administration of the Marksmanship Advisory Council regional training competitions (MAC Regions), which serve as a “proving ground” to determine the best from each region, who will then move on to the WPW.

Many may think that competition is only about “play to win,” however that is not the case when it comes to marksmanship in the National Guard. We “train to win.” Every competition is an opportunity to train. Marksmen always learn from other participants and improve their skills. Then they share that knowledge in their home state with other service members.