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All Army Sports Program

All Army Sports Program

All Army Sports is a short term opportunity (1-3 months depending on the sport and your selection for higher competition). This is NOT a change in MOS opportunity. You have to be at an actual duty assignment in order to apply.

  • When dates are established, applications are accepted for 3 months prior to the closing date only.
  • Selections are based upon resumes submitted. Submission of an application does not guarantee selection for Trial Camp.
  • Those selected come to a Trial Camp (about 3 weeks long) and as the camp goes on, there are "cuts' made to get down to the final roster.
  • The All Army team competes in the Armed Forces Championship.
  • From the Armed Forces Championship, an all-star team is selected to participate in either a national championship, or an international competition.

For more information, selection criteria and the application site visit http://www.armymwr.com/recleisure/sportsandfitness/all_army_sports.aspx. All applications are accepted electronically. Enter the site by using your AKO email username and password. To complete the application, you will need such information as your commander's AKO email and contact telephone number, and the date you took the Level I Anti-Terrorism Training. The date must not be one-year earlier than the latest date of competitions or your certification will need to be renewed in order to prepare orders through the completion of the event. To renew your training, visit https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/. As part of your application, you will need to insert your achievements in the sport. Selections are made based on the information provided.

National Guard and Reserve Soldiers may apply. You will need to complete the 10+ additional forms for activation to active duty status for the duration of the competition. All forms are required in order to participate unless indicated:

All documents must be emailed to: usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.army-sports@mail.mil prior to the deadline to be considered to attend Army Trial Camp.

For more information including calendar of events, deadlines and selection criteria visit: www.allarmysports.armymwr.com or email: usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.army-sports@mail.mil