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​Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Army National Guard

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Teresa A. Domeier

CW5 Teresa A. Domeier was appointed as the 8th Command Chief Warrant Officer (CCWO) of the Army National Guard (ARNG) by Lieutenant General Timothy J. Kadavy on 30 June 2018. As the CCWO, ARNG she serves as the senior warrant officer advisor to the Director, Army National Guard on all matters pertaining to policies, programs, and actions impacting the warrant officer cohort across the 54 states, territories, and District of Columbia, including professional development, promotions, assignments, incentives, morale, discipline, performance, strength and recruiting programs. Prior to her appointment, CW5 Domeier served as the 5th Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Nebraska Army National Guard.

As the CCWO for Nebraska, CW5 Domeier was instrumental in developing the state Warrant Officer Career Management Board (WOCMB). She was responsible for the junior warrant officer mentorship program to further develop and provide depth to the community. She served as the Region V CCWO Chair for the Warrant Officer Senior Advisory Council Executive Committee from 2016-2018, representing the state CCWOs of that region to at the national level and worked with Army proponents resulting in a 90% predetermination success rate for warrant officer candidates. CW5 Domeier served as a Food Service Technician for over 20 years before her appointments as the state and ARNG CCWO. She served as Nebraska’s Philip A. Connelly Evaluator and as the National Representative on the Executive Advisory Group for Logistics Excellence (EAGLE) from 2008-2013, representing the food service community for all 54 states and territories. CW5 Domeier served as the Senior/Primary TAC Officer and later as the Deputy Commandant for the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) at the Regional Training Institute at Camp Ashland, Nebraska and was instrumental in the implementation of that program in the state. Additionally, CW5 Domeier deployed as the Base Food Service Officer, Al Asad Base, Iraq from September 2005 to September 2006 in support Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

CW5 Domeier began her career in the Nebraska National Guard in 1983 as an Administrative Specialist with the 67th Brigade (BDE). In 1984 she transferred to State Area Command (STARC) HQ to serve as a Food Service Technician and an assistant to the State Food Service Advisor, beginning her career in food service. She was appointed as a WO1 on June 6, 1995 as the 67th BDE’s Food Service Advisor after completing Warrant Officer Candidate at Fort Rucker.

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