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Heritage Series

The National Guard Heritage Paintings are a series of original oil paintings commissioned by the National Guard Bureau to depict significant moments in the history of the National Guard and its ancestor units to inspire present-day National Guard Soldiers and Airmen. The first painting of this series, "The Whites of Their Eyes," was completed in 1961. Two prints of this series, "Hellfighters" of Harlem and "Cuidado"--Take Care--Bushmaster with Bolo!, are adapted from paintings of the U.S. Army in Action series, and used with permission by the Department of the Army.

Paintings are commissioned for public affairs purposes, and prints of these paintings are available to National Guard units and to the general public.


Copyright Notice

Images of these paintings may also be used for educational purposes with an appropriate permission statement, such as: "[name of painting], a National Guard Heritage Painting by [name of artist], courtesy the National Guard Bureau." The U.S. Government retains all copyrights to these paintings. No commercial use is authorized without prior approval.