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KFOR RC-E commander delivers PPE to North and South Mitrovica

By Spc. Miguel Ruiz | 100th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment | April 10, 2020


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CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo – Col. Eric Riley, commander of the U.S.-led Kosovo Force Regional-Command East, delivered personal protective equipment (PPE) to North and South Mitrovica April 7.

Riley, with the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Oregon Army National Guard, and RC-E medical personnel, delivered 4,000 non-sterile gloves, 200 sterile gloves, 20 boxes of N95 face masks, 350 patient face masks, 100 patient gowns, 54 bottles of hand sanitizer, and other sanitizing supplies to North Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakic and South Mitrovica Mayor Agim Bahtiri.

RC-E’s infection control officer, Maj. Denise Simon, said the donated PPE is essential to medical workers effectively responding to COVID-19 cases.

“It is important for medical workers to protect themselves from becoming infected when screening and treating for COVID-19,” said Simon. “PPE is used more frequently during the increased response to the coronavirus disease.”

KFOR has implemented prudent measures based on the recommendation of the World Health Organization to mitigate the risks related to COVID-19 for its personnel and for the communities of Kosovo.

“KFOR RC-E stands with our NATO partners and all of those affected by the crisis,” said Riley. “We are taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing our mission to provide a safe and secure environment for the people of Kosovo in accordance with KFOR’s mandate per UNSCR 1244.”