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Air National Guard Equal Opportunity Program
Mission Statement: Provide National Guard technician and military policy and oversight for the CNGB by ensuring compliance through human relations education, organizational assessments, management at the State level of Affirmative Action goals and objectives, and evaluation of unit effectiveness through reporting analysis coupled with onsite evaluations. The program provides equal opportunity for all ANG military personnel, contributing to mission accomplishment, unit effectiveness and mission readiness.


Contact Information
Air National Guard
Equal Opportunity Program

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Joint Base Andrews, 20762

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Phone: (240) 612-7611
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Policy and Guidance
The Air National Guard policy is essential to unit effectiveness and mission readiness. We are governed by ANGI 36-7 which contains the requirements of the ANG Equal Opportunity program. Our instruction is to assist commanders in building a strong and cohesive team that pursues unit success and readiness that works to resolve interpersonal differences, and that strives to develop and maximize the personal potential of unit members.


Communication to EO personnel will be released to commanders and others for official use. EO personnel must report specific allegations of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment to the chain of command upon discovery. Therefore, communication to EO personnel does not have any privilege of confidentiality.

EXCEPTION: EO personnel have limited confidentiality when conducting ADR/mediation in resolution of informal complaints.


Education & Training
Education and training is intended to improve and achieve equal opportunity within the ANG and to eliminate and prevent conditions that adversely affect mission readiness. The program provides information about a broad spectrum of organizational and human relations concerns.


The ANG EO office will provide commanders with information about the condition of human relations in their unit by conducting Unit Climate Assessments; Conduct Out-and-About Program visits to units Organize and moderate the Wing Climate Assessment Committee; Act as the OPR for the Wing Affirmative Action Planning Program (see ANGR 35-29).


The MEO office will serve as the central point-of-contact to receive complaints of unlawful discrimination. MEO will also serve as advisor to the commander regarding NGR 600-22/ANGI 36-3, National Guard Military Discrimination Complaint System.

NOTE: Title VI military EO complaints are processed under NGR 600-22/ANGI 36-3 and that Title VII technician EEO complaints are processed under NGR (AR) 690-600/NGR(AF) 40-1614, Volume II.