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Warrior Resilience & Fitness (WRF) Division
The National Guard Bureau (NGB) established the Warrior Resilience & Fitness (WRF) Division to synchronize Air and Army National Guard well-being, resilience, and suicide prevention efforts across the 54 states, territories, and DC. The goals are to: 1) align, promote, and enhance wellness and prevention best practices; and, 2) provide strategic oversight for outreach, innovation pilots, and data analysis.


Program delivery – Execute resilience, risk reduction, and suicide prevention programs across the Air and Army National Guard

Integration – Integrate National Guard programs with external DoD, federal agencies, state, and non-government organizations

Standardization – Ensure that Joint Staff and Air and Army National Guard programs are standardized to improve and measure a ready force (policy, metrics, and standard operating procedures)

Innovation – Develop and/or leverage existing programs (federal, civilian, state) to expand to other states/units and use an incubation approach to validate program impact on readiness

Measures and outcomes – Provide data analysis and impact of programs and strategies on readiness

Wellness culture – Shifting to a culture that values support seeking behaviors and performance optimization for all Service members
Response/Recovery (RE) Leadership Integrated Engagement Framework (RELIEF)

Response/Recovery (RE) Leadership Integrated Engagement Framework (RELIEF)