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NITRO Program

Nationwide Integration of Time Resiliency for Operations (NITRO) is an operational prototype providing resilient time to critical State, Local, Tribal, Territory (SLTT) and U.S. critical infrastructures to prevent disruptions to public services people depend upon.

NITRO automatically fails over and provides  data from other federally approved non-GPS space- and terrestrial-based systems to sustain distribution of accurate time across SLTT and U.S. critical infrastructure while the National Guard and civil authorities work behind the scenes to resolve the situation – essentially making the impact of the disruption “invisible” to the general population.

NITRO will be fully operational once the complete mesh network of 150+ sites in all 54 are deployed and reporting data to the nationwide common operating picture, known as Watcher, enabling the National Guard and SLTT civil authorities to “see” and respond to anomalies in the domestic timing infrastructure.


As of 29 JUN 23

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NITRO Information Briefing

NITRO Information Briefing