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Vigilant Guard 2011
The Vigilant Guard exercise program is sponsored by US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) in conjunction with the National Guard Bureau (NGB). The program provides State National Guard Headquarters and supporting units with an opportunity to improve cooperation and operational relationships with their civilian, federal and military partners in preparation for domestic emergencies and catastrophic events.
Vigilant Guard Arizona is a full scale, statewide exercise sponsored by the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs designed to ensure effective coordination between local, state, private sector, non-governmental organizations and federal partners. Vigilant Guard Arizona will focus on the coordinated response to widespread flooding and an improvised nuclear device detonation in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Arizona Vigilant Guard/Statewide Exercise take place 3 NOV through 7 NOV 2011.

Participating states include:
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Utah
Twelve Wisconsin National Guard units and Wisconsin Emergency Management will be among nearly 3,000 participants representing 48 federal, state, county, volunteer and private agencies who will conduct a week-long Vigilant Guard exercise in Wisconsin beginning Saturday (May 14).

The purpose of the exercise, which calls for multiple disaster scenarios in different communities, is to assess the Wisconsin National Guard's ability to assist state and local agencies in response, coordination and collaboration to several emergencies. It also allows local and state emergency providers an opportunity to participate in a major full-scale exercise, to identify strengths and weaknesses in current emergency plans and procedures.