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Vigilant Guard Puerto Rico

What is "Vigilant Guard"?

Vigilant Guard is an exercise program sponsored by the National Guard Bureau J7 Office in conjunction with NORAD and US Northern Command (N-NC). The program provides an opportunity for State/Territory National Guard Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQs), Joint Task Forces (JTFs), and Field Units to improve command and control and operational relationships with internal, regional non-military and military partners.

What is the exercise scenario?

For the purposes of the exercise, the island of PR experiences an earthquake on 24 March measuring 4.0. Another earthquake is reported later that same day and measures 7.0. The result of the two earthquakes leaves hospitals overrun, property damage, economic disruptions, displaced citizens and significant loss of life. Over 20 municipalities with a population exceeding 750,000 people are affected by the earthquakes. Eventually, the island is hit by a Tsunami as a result of the seismic activity.