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Exercise TOPOFF 4 (2007)

The exercise is designed to strengthen the nation's capability to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks involving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). T4 will be a radiological dispersal device-driven scenario to take place 15-20 Oct 07.

Participating States/Troops:
Arizona, Guam, and Oregon

Lead Organization:
Department of Homeland Security

Participating Organizations/Inter-Agencies:

  • Guam will have Full Scale Exercise / Field Training Exercise (FSE/FTX) from 15-19 (24/7)
  • Oregon will have FSE/FTX play Oct. 16-20 Oct (24/7)
  • AZ will have Command Post Exercise (CPX) 16-18 Oct (12-hour shift)
  • Nearly 60 potential agencies/departments/offices involved.

NGB-PA Exercise Objectives/Role:
National Guard Bureau Public Affairs representatives will provide state/territory PAOs support in branding, media relations, community relations and command information.

TOPOFF 4 Arizona

Scenario: Simulated event to occur Oct. 16 at noon AZ time (16 Oct. at 1400 EST). Arizona to conduct CPX with JFHQ-AZ, JTF AZ, and CST 16 Oct 07.


TOPOFF 4 Oregon

Scenario: Simulated event to occur approximately Oct. 16 at 0900 Oregon time (1200 EST). OR to play Full-Scale Exercise/FTX from 16-20 Oct. Will stand-up CST, JFHQ-OR, JTF-OR, NGRF.


Scenario: Simulated event to occur Oct. 16 at 0800 Guam time (Oct. 15 at 1800 EST). Guam to play Full-Scale Exercise/FTX 15-19 Oct 07. Will stand-up CST, NGRF and JISCC 16 Oct.