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Distributed Learning Content Development

We manage the processes to nominate. produce, and sustain DL content for ARNG training requirements. Our DL content is focused on Guard-specific needs, with emphasis on training for functional and readiness requirements. And, when needed, we produce content for DMOSQ training and PME in collaboration with Army proponents. We also collaborate with TRADOC to develop apps for mobile devices.




We manage GuardU, a web-based portal that provides Soldiers, units, training institutions, and States with an online environment for directed learning and self-development. Trainers use GuardU to assemble, manage, deliver, and document training using instructor-led, collaborative, and self-paced learning methods.


Distributed Learning Capabilities
We plan, coordinate, and manage a Federal program that provides States with distributed learning capabilities, which includes fixed and mobile DL Classrooms connected to the Internet. Each classroom has networked computer workstations, audio/video equipment, and video teletraining capabilities. We collaborate with TADLP and TRADOC to evaluate the use of mobile devices for military training and operations.

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