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Army National Guard

Established in 1636, the Army National Guard is the oldest component of the U.S. Armed Forces and serves as the primary combat reserve of the U.S. Army.

The Army National Guard has played a significant role in all of America's wars and major contingencies since the birth of the nation. During the 20th century, the Army National Guard became an essential part of the U.S. Army, transitioning into a highly lethal combat force able to meet the requirements of the National Military Strategy and National Defense Strategy.

The Army National Guard is governor-responsive and ready to defend the homeland anytime and anywhere. They have helped communities recover from natural disasters, pandemics and civil disturbances for nearly four centuries. Combining civilian-acquired skills and experiences with their combat training, Army National Guard Soldiers bring rich and unique capabilities to the Joint Force.

Today, with more than 325,000 service members across more than 2,400 communities in 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia, the Army National Guard is a fully sustainable and interoperable force that remains strongly committed to providing trained and equipped Soldiers, capable and ready to carry out full-spectrum operations to protect America at home and overseas.

Director, Army National Guard Deputy Director of the ARNG Command Chief Warrant Officer of the ARNG Command Sergeant Major of the ARNG
Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen CW5 Brian Searcy Command Sergeant Major John T. Raines

Lt. Gen. Jon Jensen
Director, Army National Guard

CW5 Brian Searcy
Command Chief Warrant Officer of the ARNG

Command Sgt. Maj. John Raines
Command Sergeant Major of the ARNG

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