National Guard

Inspector General (NGB-IG)

Mission: To provide the Chief, National Guard Bureau (CNGB), as directed, with assessment of the economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, esprit de corps, relevance and readiness of the National Guard through an agenda of assistance, investigations and inspections in order to support the defense of our homeland and the Global War on Terrorism.

Vision: Serving as the eyes, ears and conscience of the NGB Command Group, members of the NGB-IG office will do their part to ensure that the 21st century National Guard is the best trained and ready Reserve military force in the world.


General Guidance for contacting the Office of The Inspector General

National Guard personnel who are unable to resolve matters pertaining to regulation/policy, via either their State Chains of Supervision/Leadership/Command and choose to contact an IG, will do so by first contacting the IG in the State to which they are assigned. Please see below for further guidance.

The IG cannot action requests with incomplete DA 1559's. In order to have an IG begin work on a matter, prior to contacting the IG, personnel will prepare the following written IG Action Request (1559) COMPLETELY with all supporting documents for submission to their local IG:

National Guard Personnel Working/Assigned at State Level (T32)
Please Note: Each State/Territory is authorized a Command IG from the Active Component that reports directly to The Adjutant General (TAG) of their State and the Chief, National Guard Bureau.


National Guard Personnel Working/Assigned at NGB
If you are assigned to NGB or you have already spoken to the State IG about this matter and need further assistance at the National Level please contact NGB-IG below: