NGB Band

Photo courtesy, National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the National Guard Bureau (RG 168) 110th Quartermaster Train Band, 35th Infantry Division, Nebraska National Guard, Ashland NE, 1925.

NGB March
The National Guard Bureau (NGB) March, “Always Ready, Always There”, is the official organizational music of the NGB. It reflects both the mission of the NGB in supporting the States, Territories and the District of Columbia, and the dual-service composition (Army and Air Force) of the National Guard.

The NGB March represents the National Guard within the Department of Defense, and does not replace the service songs of the United States Army and Air Force. When played with the service songs, the NGB March would be played immediately following the respective service song(s). For official NGB ceremonies, the NGB March may be played in lieu of the service songs at the discretion of the host and honoree.