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Battle Staff Training

The Battle Staff Training Branch (BSTB) of T3BL provides the highest quality, unclassified battle simulations to all Army National Guard (ARNG) and Department of Defense (DOD) command headquarters. The simulations are geared toward improving communications for the Battle Staff and reinforcing the Deliberate Decision Making Process (DDMP), not beating the computer. Training is conducted through a computer battle simulation to provide a volume of information flow that saturates the communications within a Battle Staff.

The role of the computer is downplayed by the presence of inter-actors who operate the computer system. The inter-actors are ARNG soldiers skilled in a variety of Military Occupational Specialties. They are experts in the area of Battle Staff Simulations. Utilizing soldiers assigned to the BSTB eliminates the need for the training audience to be computer literate and allows unit Battle Staffs to focus on the battle at hand instead of trying to master the computer system.