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Patriot is a large scale exercise integrating US Army and Air National Guard and coalition forces in a joint environment. Patriot is unique because participating units plan their scenarios and events to meet their training requirements. This 'BOTTOM UP' planning allows National Guard units to maximize their training. This means that units aren't told how they are going to participate but actually build the exercise to meet unit training needs. The Air and Army Guard provide a National Planning Staff to integrate and execute the scenarios. Utilizing Annual Training Days, coupled with hosting the exercise at a National Guard Bureau Combat Readiness Training Center, makes the effort extremely cost effective.

Patriot planners continue to develop cutting edge ways to accomplish training that is relevant, realistic and interesting. Patriot is committed in providing an innovative, and cost-effective training exercise as the US military continuously transforms to meet new missions realignments and budgetary allocations.

In 2009, Patriot will again go the extra mile to maximize training for all participants, incorporating combat ops and homeland defense scenarios. To begin Patriot, two CBRNE Emergency Response Forces (CERFs) will conduct a Homeland Defense scenario involving a radiological event within the U.S. Concurrently, as the main body arrives, the first week focuses on Unit and Individual Training events (Ancillary and Common Tasks Training). The second week is highlighted by a multi-day combat scenario exercise that will include: Medical evaluations, Combat Convoy training, Close Air Support, Time Sensitive Targeting, Tactical Airlift/Airdrops, Joint Combat Search and Rescue missions, helicopter air assaults, dissimilar air combat, airborne surveillance, several research labs cutting-edge technologies, tactical communications integration, Public Affairs training, consolidated PERSCO training, consolidated logistics and services support. A Distinguished Visitor day and a Media Day will also occur during the events.

Location: Volk Field CRTC, WI. and Fort McCoy, WI.

2008 Accomplishments

Over 200 METL's Accomplished, Including:

  • MOUT Training
  • Aerial Re-Supply
  • Combat Lanes Training
  • EMEDs Certification Training
  • Aviation Operational Integration
  • Sling Load Certification Course
  • E&I Installation and Cutovers
  • Consolidated PERSCO Training
  • Aero-Medical Evacuation Training
  • Consolidated Services Operations
  • Ancillary / Common Tasks Training
  • Combat Camera Capture and Production
  • Joint Combat Search and Rescue Training
  • Forward Operating Base and TOC Operations
  • Combat Convoy Training with Close Air Support
  • Time-Sensitive Targeting and Re-role Training
  • Heavy Airlift and Deployment Planning Training
  • Theater Deployable Communications Equipment Training
  • Joint Incident Site Communication Capability Training
  • Disaster Relief Beddown Set (DRBS) Set-up and Operation