Video by Master Sgt. Amber Monio
National Guard 2023 Year in Review
National Guard Bureau
Dec. 28, 2023 | 1:29
As 2023 comes to an end, the National Guard reflects back on another year in which our Soldiers and Airmen showcased steadfast dedication and an unwavering commitment to service in the midst of a diverse array of challenges. This transformative year bore witness to significant triumphs and noteworthy contributions, with our dedicated men and women in uniform providing crucial disaster response and relief efforts. Additionally, they engaged in collaborative efforts with a growing number of our global allies and partners, reinforcing the National Guard's role not only as a domestic protector but also as a vital component of international security cooperation. Executing critical training exercises further underscored their preparedness and adaptability. This year and always, the National Guard excels in its paramount mission of safeguarding our communities and holding steadfast to the core values that are essential to our nation's stability and prosperity. (U.S. Air National Guard video by Master Sgt. Amber Monio)

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