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National Guard Virtual Diversity Update Synopsis Hosted by the Joint Diversity Executive Council (JDEC) 24 July 2012.

VDC 2.1 Welcome
Brig Gen Burks, Chair, JDEC, emphasizes how diversity is imperative to an organization's survival. Diversity gets its strength through the inclusion of many, strategic thinking, and bold leadership to achieve a lasting legacy of diversity.

VDU 2.2 Opening Remarks
This Virtual Diversity Update is a tool to connect with our senior leaders and NGB staff regarding Diversity initiatives. We have updates on the success of our Diversity Conference held in May 2012 and status of our Joint State Diversity Councils.

VDU 2.3 Round Table
Our senior leaders will provide updates on diversity and inclusion within the National Guard and the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC). Our Round Table guests are Gen Craig McKinley, Gen Lester Lyles (Ret), Lt Gen Harry Wyatt, Lt Gen William Ingram, Mr. Lou Cabrera, BG James Gorham, CMSgt Denise Jelinski-Hall, and Col Ondra Berry.

VDU 2.4 Overview
The Special Emphasis Programs Managers (SEPMs) are a great resource to use to ensure equity in hiring, training, advancement and treatment of minorities, women, and employees with disabilities not just National Awareness. Incorporating affinity groups in your organization provides an opportunity to: develop mentoring teams, receive national recognition at military awards events, create support groups, and attend valuable training designed to educate participants on working in a diverse workforce.

VDU 2.5.1 Training
Participants will receive training from the Joint Diversity Leaders Guide Lesson Plans.

VDU 2.5.2 Training
Participants will receive training on how to develop Joint State Executive Council.

VDU. 2.6 Best Practices
South Dakota's TAG will open emphasizing the importance of leadership involvement in diversity initiatives. South Dakota will share one of its many best practices in the area of community outreach.
VDU. 2.6.1 Appendix News Story
VDU. 2.6.2 Appendix News Story
VDU. 2.6.3 Appendix News Story
VDU. 2.6.4 Appendix News Story

VDU 2.7 Closing Remarks
In closing, the JDEC and NGB Diversity will continue to provide the states with strategic communications, updated Joint Leader's guide, diversity and inclusion training, current demographic data, and other resources.

NGB Virtual Diversity Update

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Roundtable Discussion Featuring:

  • General Craig R. McKinley, Chief, National Guard Bureau
  • General (Ret) Lester Lyles, Chairman, Military Leadership

Diversity Commission

  • Lt Gen Harry M. Wyatt, III, Director, ANG
  • LTG William E. Ingram, Jr, Director, ARNG
  • Mr. Lou Cabrera, Comptroller/Director,

Administration and Management, NGB

  • BG James R. Gorham, Vice Chair, JDEC
  • CMSgt Denise Jelinski-Hall, Senior Enlisted Leader, NGB


The 2nd Virtual Diversity Conference will provide the National Guard Soldiers, Airmen, and civilians with best practices, tools, and ways-ahead as they adapt Diversity practices in their respective States, Territories, and the District of Columbia. Discussion tools will be provided for this conference, which can be viewed anytime beginning July 24, 2012.
Virtual Diversity Update

Remarks by:
Brig Gen William Burks, Chair, JDEC
NGB’s Semi-Annual

Phyllis Brantley
Chief, Diversity and Special Emphasis Programs, NGB